Friday, April 10, 2015

April/May Class Schedule

So I always make class projects with someone else in mind or for someone else because they requested it and I love the inspiration and feed back.This class project I made for me. The class is to make a shadow box frame and all from paper. Inside that shadow box I want you. I really want this project to be about you. What makes you happy what brings you peace! I am very pleased with the way it turned out and I can't wait to see yours. Class is May 30, 2-5 pm (the time may change if hubby does not return to work by then)

April 11, 2015 10am-1pm
April Class Schedule:

April 4, 2015    10am-1pm                  Cricut Class "Spring Cards"
April 4, 2015    2:30-5:30pm               Cricut/Cameo Class "Working with HTV"
April 11, 2015  10am-1pm                 Silhouette Cameo Class "3D Bird House"
April 11, 2015  2:30-5:30pm              Silhouette Cameo Class "Home Decor Watering Can"
April 18, 2015  10am-1pm                 Silhouette Cameo Class "Spring Favors"
April 18, 2015  2:30-5:30pm              Silhouette Cameo Class "Mini Album Box Set"

May Class Schedule:

May 2, 2015    10am-1pm                  Silhouette Cameo Class "Shadowbox Easel Cards"
May 9 , 2015  10am-1pm                  Silhouette Cameo Class "3D Tea Time Favors"
May 23, 2015  10am-1pm                 Silhouette Cameo Class "Strawberry Box Favors"
May 30, 2015  2:00-5:00pm              Silhouette Cameo Class "Summer Shadowbox"  (time subject to change)

As always visit the back of the store for class samples (the layouts are displayed on the front wall) and no photos please unless you are signed up and taking the class.
go to and view events for the most up to date class calendar and sign up at customer service today!