Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing with my Imagine! and Gypsy Update

Ok so I finally had some time to really play with my Imagine. I have to say I LOVE IT! I will find out on Monday if we are getting a demo unit in the store for me to teach on. Mean time I am working on getting some of my projects mounted and posted at the store for you to see.

Don't forget starting tomorrow connect your Gypsy ot the sync to get the 6 free cartridges one of my favorites TBBM is on the download.

I was excited to get my email the other day. Provo Craft gave me and only 99 other people the opportunity Thursday to sneak peek the download with smiley cards cart. That cart is adorable. It has emotioncons just like my phone and IM do. They are stinkin cute! I love some of the envelopes on there too. Absolutely another great card cart from cricut and its free if you already have your Gypsy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Winter Minis?

Check this out I was in Joann's yesterday and the cashier was putting these out. I wonder what the 3rd one is, since they usually come out in 3's.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cricut Gypsy Deal w/ 6 downloadable cartridges

This is an Amazing opportunity if you don't already have one. And for those who do....we get the down load too! I can't wait to see what the new Smiley Cards Cartridge looks like!

Buy and register a Gypsy by Cricut by October 31 and receive 6 free cartridges downloaded to your Gypsy – including the exclusive, all-new “Smiley Cards” cartridge (and don’t forget about Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy font cartridges that come pre-loaded on the machine). It’s a $419 value!Free cartridges include:Smiley Cards (new and exclusive to this promotion)Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (not available in retail)Christmas (not available in retail)Blackletter (not available in retail)Printing Press (not available in retail)Indie Art (not available in retail)All current Gypsy owners included! Simply register your Gypsy by October 31, 2010 and get access to all downloads. Register at
Downloads will be available through a special update to your Gypsy starting November 1st.New Gypsy cartridge downloads are easy! Just connect your Gypsy to your computer and you’ll automatically be prompted how to start. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to download all six cartridges containing thousands of images! And with Gypsy, you’ll have all the cartridge artwork and keypad overlays on your Gypsy screen, so there’s no actual cartridge, handbook, or packaging.You only have 9 days left.

This is for new AND current Gypsy Owners!

6 New Cricut Cartridges Announced Yesterday

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Classes Added

Due to the popularity of the 3-d ornament class and the cards with movement class I have added another time slot. See 2 posts below for additional times and samples

My New Imagine Arrived

I am thrilled my new machine got here safe and sound. Provo Craft has always been good to me and this time was no different. I sent it back on a Thursday...they called me on Friday to tell me I would see it on Monday and I did. She works perfectly. She still won't read some of the newer cartridges but hopefully that will be worked out soon.

There will be an update for the Imagine and the Gypsy on Oct. 18th Facebook said and below is what it will include.

1. Edge to Edge printing (Imagine only update)- Full bleed (may leave a small boarder on your paper depending on how well it is aligned)- Overspray: this will print just beyond the edge of the paper leaving a bit of ink on your mat which can easily be rinsed out with warm water – this assures a full bleed.PHASE 1 Gypsy/Imagine Compatibility1. Allows you to cut your classic Cricut Cartridges with Cricut Imagine using Gypsy (no printing using Gypsy, yet)2. Cricut Imagine and Gypsy bug fixes: this will be standard with most upgrades to ensure you have the best experience with your machines.3. No special Gypsy design features with Imagine content (like welding, stretching, etc.), just yet.More information will be released about future updates (release dates and update details) when appropriate.

I will not do the update right away. I will wait a bit and see if any unknown glitches occur.