Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing with my Imagine! and Gypsy Update

Ok so I finally had some time to really play with my Imagine. I have to say I LOVE IT! I will find out on Monday if we are getting a demo unit in the store for me to teach on. Mean time I am working on getting some of my projects mounted and posted at the store for you to see.

Don't forget starting tomorrow connect your Gypsy ot the sync to get the 6 free cartridges one of my favorites TBBM is on the download.

I was excited to get my email the other day. Provo Craft gave me and only 99 other people the opportunity Thursday to sneak peek the download with smiley cards cart. That cart is adorable. It has emotioncons just like my phone and IM do. They are stinkin cute! I love some of the envelopes on there too. Absolutely another great card cart from cricut and its free if you already have your Gypsy.