Friday, September 24, 2010

Imagine Update needed

I hope they do the update soon to the Imagine. I don't know what I was is like a Gypsy in a way. Since the new Holiday Limited Carts juat came out the Imagine does not read them yet. I was all excited for an idea I had with the new Christmas card cart and the Imagine more cart. I plugged both carts in the other day and boom. Nothing it says I need to update. So I am alittle bummed while I wait to try out my idea and the fact that new carts have to be added to the machine itself to I would not choose this as my only cricut. If you have another cricut don't let it go to just buy the Imagine. Right now their ae cartridge limitations. That being said I do love it and have no regrets buying it. I was just caught by surprise.