Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July/ August Class Schedule and an update

This is the last week of classes for "Christmas in July"

July 25, 2015   10am-1pm       Silhouette Cameo Class "Mini shadowbox Ornaments"
July 25, 2015   2:30-5:30pm    Silhouette Cameo Class "Missed Class Make Up Day"


August 15, 2015    10am-1pm      Cricut Class "cricut refresher class with Create a Critter"
August 15, 2015    2:30-5:30pm   Silhouette Cameo Class "Missed Class Make Up Day"
August 29, 2015    10am-1pm      Silhouette Cameo Class "Missed Class Make Up Day"

August will be a bit different I am only running make up classes no new projects. So any of my 2015 classes you missed that you would love to take August is the month to do it! Email me and let me know which ones you would like so I can email you a supply list after you have signed up. September we will come back will all new fresh classes and projects. I love my ACMoore classes and want you to also!

I know this is long but please take a moment and read it through.

Let me update you a bit on whats been going on. In December my husband was diagnosed with non-hodskins lymphoma "Cancer". It has been a rough 7 months of vigorous chemo treatments and some of the side effects that have come along with that. He has been unable to work thus providing the family with no income for the past 7 months. That's a long time and no matter how prepared you think you are for a catastrophic event your not! As his ft caregiver, ft mother to his children, and only one in our household drawing any income from my part time jobs (that I could not always report to because of his treatments and tests) you can only imagine how rough it has been. I am thankful however, this experience has made us stronger as a family and our friendships with others have become stronger as well. Without the prayers, good vibes & support of family and friends we could not have made it through this so far. My friend Susan set us up with a gofundme page. Please go over and read more about our journey and see how you can help us in the recovery process. I have done all that I can to help us get through this positively. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. I am physically and mentally spent. I am happy to report he is now in remission and we are on the road to recovery. It will take about a year for him to be back to "normal" or for us to see what normal will now mean. We hope he can return to work by the end of the year. Trying to do what I can to help us financially while being here for him in addition to being a thirty one consultant  I am also a Jamberry
nails consultant It is my hope that with these 2 direct sales businesses I can help our family financially recover from this setback. If you want more info on these products please go to my webpages and take a look.