Saturday, September 19, 2015

September / October Class Schedule

Have you been to the back of the store lately? We have a lot of Christmas & Halloween going on back there. We have Cyndi's crochet, Barb's wreath making and of course my paper crafting. Come on in and check us out!


September 26, 2015      10am-1pm    Silhouette Cameo Class "3D Fall Shadowbox"
September 26, 2015   2:30-5:30pm    Silhouette Cameo Class "2015 Christmas in July Make up Day"


October 10, 2015    10am-1pm        Silhouette Cameo Class "Halloween 3D"
October 10, 2015     2:30-5:30pm    Silhouette Cameo Class "Halloween Box Cards & Treat"
October 10, 2015    10am-1pm        Silhouette Cameo Class "Halloween Decor"
October 10, 2015     2:30-5:30pm    Silhouette Cameo Class "Halloween Treat Boxes"

As always visit the back of the store for class samples (the layouts are displayed on the front wall) and no photos please unless you are signed up and taking the class.
go to and view events for the most up to date class calendar and sign up at customer service today!