Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fall Cards w/Stampin Up Merry Cafe & Coffee Cafe Stamp Set Bundles

Clearly I now know where my crafting mojo and hyperdrive came from last year. I've not wanted to craft all summer but did because I had to to keep up, until last night. 2 weeks ago we dropped my daughter off for her senior year in college, so I realized I'm doing it to make the time pass quicker to keep me happy and content until my oldest comes home from college again. Because that first night I banged out 50+ swap cards for my November trip and a ton of coffee elements while I was feeling a bit lonely with one not at home. Crafting is obviously my coping mechanism. Thank goodness for my die cutting machines. Now I'm prepped for coffee cards of all occasions. 

My youngest daughter was sad too and created this card.