Sunday, April 20, 2014

May/June Class Schedule

First.......Thank you to all for standing by me this year with schedule changes and my wacky schedule in general.
Starting June 1 we go back to 10-1 and 2:30-5:30 classes. I will be adding back in some new cricut classes as well. The cricut classes will be for those who use all cricut machines except for the cricut explore. We can not operate the explore in the classroom as we have not internet access available in the building. Through the summer we will also have 1 day a month that is a project make up day. Recent projects you have missed are able to be taught on that day. You do need to sign up ahead of time for these make up days and also contact me via email atleast 48hours ahead so I can bring the files and supplies I need to help you with your project.

May Classes
May 10, 2014      1:30-4:30  Silhouette Cameo Class  "Project make up day"
May 17, 2014     1:30-4:30  Silhouette Cameo Class  "Berry Sweet Layout"
May 17, 2014     5:30-8:30  Silhouette Cameo Class " Pocket Mini Album"

June Classes
June 7, 2014       10am-1pm Silhouette Cameo Class  "3D Lighthouse"
June 14, 2014     10am-1pm  Silhouette Cameo Class  "3D Organizer"
June 14, 2014     2:30-5:30pm Silhouette Cameo Class "Project Make Up Day"
June 21, 2014     10am-1pm  Silhouette Cameo Class " USA Home Decor"

 please check the calendars in the store for the most current updates

As always project ideas and samples are posted in the back by the classroom at the Frederick MD ACMoore store see calendar for dates and times